Videos / DVD’s and Pictures

We will be able to offer video analysis of swimmers strokes for a small additional cost.  This will come in the form of a DVD and the videos.  The DVD will only feature the child requested and will have additional analysis from the teacher.  This will enable swimmers to practice swimming in their own time and see where they need to improve.

We also provide underwater and swimming images of swimmers.  Each picture will provide a lifetime of memories and can be provided to you on a DVD,  for you to choose which ones to develop.

To book either a video analysis or photos, please ring Diamond Swim Academy on 07756 554013 / 07756 564312 where we can arrange this for you.  This service will be available from April onwards and carries a small additional charge.

We regret to inform you that normal photography and videoing is not permitted by parents, guardians and additional persons that come to watch their child swim – this is due to data and child protection considerations.