Scott Evans
Swimming TeacherScott Evans

Since 2007 Scott has been a lifeguard for Birmingham City Council. Over the years he has witnessed many people getting into difficulty in water and so realising the importance of encouraging children and adults to learn how to swim for their own safety in water. He believes that prevention is key to avoid these tragic drownings.
Scott originally became an STA level 1 and 2 teacher in 2009 and as part of his continual professional development he converted over to the ASA in 2014.
Scott has been at the Blue Coat School for 2 years. Having gained experience at different pools and working as a team with many swimming teachers he finds it very educational and interesting in how each site works differently.
Scott loves working in the health and fitness industry as he enjoys to keep fit and healthy himself. Having competed in Tae Kwon Do at the national and university championships Scott finds that motivating others in sport is very rewarding.


Aquatic Qualifications, Training and Membership Helen has undertaken:

  • ASA – Level One Swimming Teacher
  • ASA – Level Two Swimming Teacher
  • NPLQ – National Pool Lifeguard Qualification
  • IOS – Member
  • Safeguarding Children, Adults and Vulnerable Adults
  • DBS – Checked and Certified