Luke Greenhill
Swimming Teacher 

How did you get into swimming teaching? Coming from a swimming club background I first started getting into coaching and helping out at the club. After fleeting around various job sectors and having my swimming taken away from due to other commitments,, I made the decision to come back into the swimming community not just as a coach in Solihull but to also get my teaching qualifications and make a career out of a sport that I enjoy highly.
Why have you become a swimming teacher? I became a swimming teacher because i want to help people to learn to swim. I am a firm beleiver that swimming is a life saving skill and everybody should know how to do the basics. But also just to guide someone through the system and be proud of seeing thier progression maybe onto a world stage is a big goal for me in my new career.
Why did you want to work for DSA I heard about Diamond through a close friend and whilst they were describing the academy I was already hooked. After doing somemore research just reading about what their philosiphy was and way of teaching really was made me want to join up even more.
What else describes you, your personality and the way you teach? I am a very friendly person and i try and relay that onto my lessons. i want a fun/exciting atmosphere, but that said if i have to be strict then i will be. i dont tolerate people messing about. I am not the loudest around the pool, so you will see me swimming with my swimmers from the side of the pool with actions and other prompts. But my approach to teaching is simple. Aslong as I can see you putting in the effort I am happy. Every teacher wants perfection- but aslong as you are trying to do what im doing or saying then that is all I ask.
What is your background? I have always been swimming, started to learn to swim from the age of about 5 and have never stopped. I Joined Solihull SC quite late ,around 16. This was due to me commiting more time to my other childhood sport which was karate. Growing through school and college i was always sporty and was on the athletics teams and various others. When i left college i went into work. Umiverity was not for me, I started in Furniture and home accessories where i worked for 2yrs and then i became a cocktail bartender For 3 working around the N.E.C and Birmingham before turning back to swimming and hopefully the most successful career.
What is the best thing about teaching? The best thing about teaching is seeing someones progress. Having someone go from not swimming to swimming, knowing your are the primary cause is a very big achievment for myself.
What is your philosophy as a swimming teacher? My Philosiphy is try. I hate the word Cant. I Cant do it. I dont want people who give up. If you dont try you dont suceed. It may take a while it might come very quickly but if you dont put your mind to it and have a go it will never come. So in my lessons whether you find something difficult or chasllenging i dont want you to give up i want you to try and get better. If we have to make it easier then we will but dont think that we wont come back to the difficult stage later in the week/term etc.
Other places of work and what do you do outside teaching for work I teach elsewhere as well as here at Diamond. Swimming occupies most of my time so if i’m not teaching i’m swimming myself. But when I do tear myself away from the water, I travel when I can. Mainly abroad, whether with family or friends and I also love going out to new restaurants and bars and sample the finer things in life.
Hobbies and interests I enjoy exploring new places or doing things a bit off the wall. Anything sports related I am usually watching. I am a big football fan and also american football fan and go to see this live when I can. I’m a big concert goer. And also travelling is a big thing so anywhere with sun and a nice culture I have either been or plan to go very soon!