Kieran Furnell
Swimming Teacher 

Kieran havs always loved swimming as well as teaching. While swimming at Stourbridge Swimming Club Kieran was asked to come along and assist with the teaching of the swim school. He enjoyed that lesson so much that he came and helped every week for over two years. Kieran has then continued to grow as a teacher and since developed his own teaching style and love for the teaching of the sport has just continued to grow from there.

Kieran has wanted to be a primary school teacher for well over a decade. His other passion has always been swimming. He started swimming when he was two years old and continued it until I was eighteen where he stopped and moved into the teaching – which he enjoy’s just as much as taking part.

Kieran really enjoys the most seeing a child who has worked really hard, listened and really tried to take everything on board achieve their badge knowing that they really earned it.

His philosophy for teaching has been forged over many years throughout my years at college and university, but mainly stems from the way that I have taught swimming for the last six years.

Kieran is a huge believer in making things fun, he believes that if you make you lessons fun, this way then you get all of your points across to children that are listening because they are enjoying the lesson.

Aquatic Qualifications, Training and Membership Kieran has undertaken:

  • ASA – Level One Swimming Teacher
  • ASA – Level Two Swimming Teacher
  • Safeguarding Children
  • DBS – Checked and Certified
  • Level 3 extended diploma in sport
  • Undergraduate degree in PE and Sports coaching Science