Staff Biographies

Sarah Rossiter
Swimming Teacher


Sarah has always enjoyed swimming; she started swimming competitively in various clubs across the midlands fro the age of 12, but found her real passion when started competing in RLSS lifesaving competitions.

At 16 her coach encouraged her to complete her ASA Helper certificate and her RLSS assistant teacher award, where she then started assisting at the club voluntarily.

She then went on to complete her ASA Level 1 and ASA Level 2 qualifications in 2010 and has taught in a variety of different settings, including teaching on board cruise ships and in holiday resorts.

Sarah has based her career around helping children and young people and currently works full time for a charity in Birmingham as a project manager, helping to support disadvantaged children and young people through sport.

Now a teacher with Diamond Swim Academy, Sarah loves teaching all ages to swim and especially enjoys making her lessons progressive and fun!

Sarah has recently has a little girl in July 2017 and is enjoying becoming a Mummy f0r the first time.


Aquatic Qualifications, Training and Membership Sarah has undertaken:

  • ASA – Helper
  • ASA – Level One Swimming Teacher
  • ASA – Level Two Swimming Teacher
  • RLSS – Lifesaving Assistant Teacher
  • ScUK – Good Practice and Child Protection
  • IoS – Member
  • DBS – Checked and certified