Diamond 3

Diamond 3 is a progression from Diamond 2 and is just one part of the Diamond Swim Academy pathway which is a all inclusive programme where swimmers will work on skills and technique and takes the non swimmer from his or her first splash to developing confidence and competence in the water.  The swimmers will learn basic safety awareness and water confidence through to quality stroke technique and a variety of water skills.

In Diamond 3 the focus is on all four strokes and includes flotation, travelling, coordination, body positioning, water safety and jumping.  Diamond 3 swimmers will work to achieving a number of outcomes, some of which will be recognised by Awards.  An Award is made up of a badge and a certificate.

For Diamond 3 swimmer this includes the  Swim England Stage 3 Award.  It is also important that the swimmers gain the skills and technique on all strokes throughout their time at Diamond Swim Academy and will, therefore, also work towards achieving the most appropriate Swim England Distance and Swim England Stroke Awards within Diamond 3.

All outcomes will be achieved through innovative, fun teaching methods.  Below shows the outcomes required to achieve the Swim England Stage 3 award:

Stage 3 Award outcomes


  1. Jump in from poolside and submerge to a minimum depth of 1.0 metre.
  2. Sink, push away from wall and maintain a streamlined position.
  3. Push and glide on the front with arms extended and log roll onto the back.
  4. Push and glide on the back with arms extended and log roll onto the front.
  5. Travel 5 metres on the front, perform a tuck to rotate onto the back and return on the back.
  6. Fully submerge to pick up an object.
  7. Answer correctly three questions on the Water Safety Code.
  8. Push and glide and travel 10 metres on the back.
  9. Push and glide and travel 10 metres on the front.
  10. Perform a tuck float and hold for 3 seconds.
  11. Exit the water without using steps.