Lessons And The Scheme

We believe in delivering quality lessons.  To do this we work in groups with no more than six pupils so that we can deliver to each and every swimmer in the water and cater for their individual needs.  All of our lessons are taught by ASA Level 2 qualified Teachers who regularly attend additional training and updates.

When a child progresses though the Diamond Swim Academy Scheme they have the opportunity to work towards main awards and complementary awards.  Each term a child has the opportunity to work towards the main award (ASA Stage or Duckling Award) and various complimentary awards (Rainbow Distances, Backstroke Distance, Breaststroke Distance, Frontcrawl Distance and Butterfly Distance, alongside other relevant complementary awards).  Awards can be purchased at a small additional cost.

As an ASA accredited swim school we follow the ASA Learn to Swim Pathways and the frameworks within it.  The three Frameworks are:

  • ASA Foundation Framework
  • ASA Learn To Swim Framework
  • ASA Adult Framework

The emphasis of the ASA Learn to Swim Pathway and Diamond Swim Academy lessons is on the FUNdamentals of movement.  The method in which we teach is enjoyable and fun as we believe a fun environment is the best way for children to learn.

The below diagram illustrates how a swimmer can progress through Diamond Swim Academy and into other pathways at the very top end with partners we work with.

Click to enlargeSwim ASA Foundation Framework

ASA Foundation Framework

Diamond Ducklings (Beginners) and Diamond Ducklings (Advanced)

The ASA Foundation Framework is part of the British Gas ASA Learn to Swim Pathway and provides the first part of the Pathway and promotes early water confidence and basic motor skills.

Part of this scheme are the Duckling Awards which contains grades 1-5 where stages encourage swimmers to begin moving independently, whilst providing them with the confidence that the teacher is still within arm’s reach.

  • Aimed at our younger swimmersNational Plan Award
  • Includes Mother and Baby
  • Swim A Song Awards
  • Ducklings 1-5 Awards
  • Alpha Step Awards

Swim A Song

Awards 2


ASA Learn To Swim Framework 

Diamond 1-7

The ASA Learn to Swim Framework is part of the British Gas ASA Learn to Swim Pathway, the all-inclusive programme which takes the non swimmer from his or her first splash to developing confidence and competence in the water.  They learn basis safety awareness and water confidence through to quality stroke technique and a variety of water skills.

  • Aimed at children
  • Stages 1-7 Awards
  • Distance Awards

L2S Stage 1 L2S Stage 2 L2S Stage 3 L2S Stage 4 L2S Stage 5 L2S Stage 6 L2S Stage 7


Rainbow 1 Mile

Rainbow 15M


ASA Adult Framework

The ASA Adult Framework is an adapted version of stages 1-7 of the Learn to Swim Framework  and provides clear outcomes and information on how to deliver Adult Learn to Swim to ensure it aligns to existing learn to swim programmes already taking place, but also to cater for the individual needs of each adult.

  • Aimed at adults
  • Stages 1-7 Awards
  • Distance Awards


Swimming Essentials

To make a swimmer safe it is important that they learn the swimming essentials.  These are all taught in innovative ways through the Diamond Swimmers journey and their time in the academy:

Entry to the water

  • Safe entry into the water
  • Use of steps
  • Use of the side
  • Jumps
  • Dives


  • Safe exits from the water
  • Use of steps
  • Use of the side

Flotation and balance

  • Developing an understanding of buoyancy and balance
  • What can affect it
  • How to become buoyant in the water

Rotation and orientation

  • Developing skills such as:
    • How to turn around
    • How to lie back
    • How to lie forward
    • How to regain an upright position
    • How to twist from the back to front and vice versa


  • Understanding of streamlining
  • How to be streamlined
  • Understanding of why it is important and how it effects all other skills

Aquatic breathing

  • Developing confidence in the water
  • Being at ease with water around the face
  • Learning how to breathe correctly, which consequently is developing a ‘safe’ swimmer

Travel and coordination

  • Developing movement forwards
  • Development movement backwards
  • Development movement sideways
  • How to travel effectively and exploring different ways of travelling in water

Water safety

  • Developing a basic understanding of how to stay safe in and around the water