Celebration Afternoon – March 2015

Diamond Swim Academy celebrated the success of our Swimmers for the Spring Term at our celebration afternoon. We were so proud to see the children collecting their awards as were the friends and family of those who came along. We loved to see them enjoying the afternoon, laughing and dancing.

DSCN0439   DSCN0438   DSCN0406  DSCN0437   DSCN0436

DSCN0435  DSCN0434   DSCN0433   DSCN0431   DSCN0430

DSCN0429   DSCN0427   DSCN0426   DSCN0424   DSCN0425

DSCN0423   DSCN0422  DSCN0421   DSCN0420   DSCN0418

DSCN0417  DSCN0416   DSCN0415   DSCN0414   DSCN0413

DSCN0412  DSCN0411   DSCN0410   DSCN0409   DSCN0408

DSCN0407  DSCN0402   DSCN0404    DSCN0440   DSCN0441

 DSCN0444   DSCN0451   DSCN0452