Awards And Celebration Nights / Days

At Diamond Swim Academy we believe it is important to stop and take time to reward the swimmers as they progress along their aquatic journey.

Each swimmer will work towards a set of outcomes across different levels, skills, strokes and distances.  We will also encourage swimmers to work towards a number of awards (badges and certificates). These include:

  • ASA Duckling Awards
  • ASA Stage Awards
  • ASA Rainbow Distance Awards 5m through to 1000m
  • ASA Backstroke Awards 5m through to 100
  • ASA Freestyle Awards 5m through to 100m
  • ASA Breastroke Awards 5m through to 100m
  • ASA Butterfly Awards 5m through to 100m
  • ASA and DSA Bespoke Awards

Throughout the year, Diamond Swim Academy will hold special theme nights / days where we will present the awards and is a chance for all members of your family and friends to join our swimmers for a fun filled evening.  We will provide a night of fun, food and celebration.  At each award night there will be treats, surprises, games, discos, and challenges for both adults and children.

Each award and celebration night / day has a theme depending on the time of year and includes:

  • Presentation of Stage and Distance Awards to swimmers
  • Presentation other special recognition Awards
  • Photo opportunities
  • Cake and sweet sale
  • Raffle
  • Music
  • Games
  • Prizes

  star-pupil-award-badges-591-p swimming_cake        -trophy-size-a1144-6-1-2-16.5cm-trophy-size--[2]-6541-p         sweet bar 1              rainbow-disco-ball