Body Position

  • Body position starts in a horizontal, stretched and streamlined position on the front; head in line and the face in the water.
  • Head and upper body will rise and fall in relation to undulation from the kick, pull breathing pattern.

 Legs and Feet

  • The kick is simultaneous.
  • A full action of the hips, legs and feet occur as the seat lifts and lowers; the knees bend and straighten.
  • The feet and toes are pointed throughout. The kick should resemble a whip like kick.

Arms and Hands

  • The hands simultaneously enter as arms approach full extension.
  • Following the entry, the hands move slightly outward and down to the catch position, moving back and through towards the thighs.
  • The arm recovery is a smooth, simultaneous double arm recovery over the water surface.
  • Aim for the individual is to gain maximum distance per stroke effectively.


  • The mouth is lifted above the water line to the front (in some instances it may be to the side) before the hands complete their push through to the legs.
  • The head returns to ‘face in the water’ before the end of the arm recovery.
  • The expectation is that the swimmer is encouraged to breathe every alternate arm cycle (every two strokes).


  • A steady constant movement with two kicks t each arm cycle; encouraging the swimmer to breathe each arm cycle (every two strokes).
  • The order is kick, pull, kick, recover.