Body Position

  • From a horizontal, stretched and streamlined position on the front with head inline and face in water, the head and upper body lift during the pull in order to breath and the swimmer completes into a stretched streamlined position following the kick

 Legs and Feet

  • The kick is simultaneous. From legs extended and together, the swimmer bends the knees, drawing the heels close to the seat and still under water; knees remain stable, away from the tummy and hip width apart.
  • Both feet turn outward and the ‘soles’ or ‘instep’ of the feet flatten ready to kick.
  • The feet then kick backwards and slightly downwards pressing against the water until the legs are almost straight.
  • On completing the kick, the toes become pointed and the soles turn towards each other.

Arms and Hands

  • From a full stretched position, the hands, facing slightly outwards and down, press sideways to a point where the hands start an inward movement.
  • The hands then lead the forearms in a downward and inwards circular movement, bringing the hands close together; the hands close together; the hands finish facing each other with the elbows and upper arms squeezed in towards each other.
  • With no hesitation, the hands and forearms move smoothly and continuously forwards into a stretched position as started.


  • Air is exhaled into the water as the swimmer lies in the streamlined and stretched position.
  • From the extended position of the pull, the head and upper body lifts as soon as the hands start to pull apart from one another and press sideways.


  • From fully stretched position, the arms pull, the breath is taken, the arms begin to recover, then the legs recover and kick back to full stretch position; pull, breath, kick, stretch.