Diamond Ducklings (Advanced)

Diamond Ducklings (Advanced) is the start of a swimmers journey within Diamond Swim Academy and is aimed at younger swimmers.

Within Diamond Ducklings all swimmers will work on early water confidence and basic motor skills.  Diamond Ducklings will work to achieving a number of outcomes including the Swim England Duckling Awards, which contains grades 4 and a DSA award.  Each Award is made up of a badge and a certificate.  The outcomes of these awards encourage swimmers to begin moving independently whilst providing them with the confidence that the teacher is still within arm’s reach.


All outcomes will be achieved through innovative, fun teaching methods.  Below shows the outcomes required to achieve each award:


Grade 4


1.Jump into the water unaided, but supervised

2.Perform a mushroom or star float.

3.Rotate 360 degrees either using a log roll or an upright position.

4.Push and glide achieving a streamlined position on the front or back.

5.Submerge completely.

6.Travel 10 metres on the front or back, without adult support.

7.Jump into the water, turn around, swim back to the point of entry and hold on to the side or rail.

8.Climb out of the water with adult support if required.

DSA Award – Dazzling Diamond

Diamond Duckling Award

  1. Hold a star float on front for 10 seconds
  2. Hold a star float on back for 10 seconds
  3. Swim 5m unaided on front
  4. Swim 5m unaided on back
  5. Attempt arms over on front
  6. Attempt arms over on back
  7. Face in water, swim 5m on front taking 3 rhythmic breathes
  8. Sequence – Sitting dive in, swim 3m on front with face in water, climb out at side