Be a Better Swimmer Award Outcomes

  1. Swim front crawl to include at least six rhythmical breaths
  2. Swim breaststroke to include at least six rhythmical breaths
  3. Swim a distance of 50 metres using two different strokes
  4. Sink push and glide, transition into two dolphin kicks, into swim
  5. Swim 50 metres front crawl
  6. Swim 50 metres backstroke
  7. Swim 50 metres breaststroke
  8. Tread water for one minute
  9. Understand lane etiquette
  10. Perform a feet first surface dive
  11. Perform a head first surface dive
  12. Complete 400 metre swim (16 lengths of a 25 metre pool)

Additional Outcomes

  1. Sitting dive
  2. Perform a forward somersault
  3. Tumble turn
  4. Scull 5 metres head first and then return feet first without touching the pool floor
  5. From a straddle jump, tread water for two minutes
  6. Swim 25 metres butterfly